Tax advice

Our tax department provides advice in all areas of national and international tax law. We render tax orientated assistance for the choice of legal form when establishing a business, offering continously support including bookkeeping and the preparation of annual financial statements.

One of our focal points is the provision of tax advice and assistance for artists and athletes.

With regard to international tax law, we attend to national subsidiaries and the premises of foreign companies and we assist our clients when making overseas investments.

acs | berlin further develop tax optimised business strategies and represent clients in finance courts and in fiscal offenses.

acs | berlin offers all tax consulting services, such as:

  • annual tax returns for individuals and companies
  • financial accounting
  • management accounting and cost accounting
    • budgetary planning
    • cash-flow analysis
  • financial statements according to HGB (German Commercial Code), IFRS and US-GAAP
  • interim financial statements
  • business consultancy and company valuation

Advice on structuring is a highly imaginative field of work. The object is to create tax and corporate law structures with the perfect support of corporate policies. This includes the planning of business successions and anticipated legal successions, transformations and the structuring of entity agreements. Frequently, a tax comparison will be the starting point for this, on the basis of which acs | berlin creates the necessary structures.

acs | berlin supervises national and international companies in all questions arising from cross-border economic activities, such as tax planning when setting up international shareholding structures, transfer pricing studies and VAT issues with transnational delivery and services.

The law and tax firm is member of INPACT International, a world-wide operating alliance of tax advisors and auditors with its head office in London.